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Accessibility policy

The 1st Accessibility policy

This site aims at being based on the grade "AA" of the apparatus in consideration design manual information and telecommunications, such as Japanese Industrial Standards JIS X 8341-3"elderly people and a disabled person, software, and service ? part III:web contents" (henceforth "JIS X 8341-4").

1 Scope

It is aimed at the range of the subordinate of this site.

2 Term, goal achievement term

It will be based on a grade "AA" by July 31, 2014.

3 Towards goal achievement

As accessibility correspondence, accessibility diagnosis is carried out periodically every year, correction based on this diagnostic result and employment in accordance with an accessibility guideline are performed, and achievement of a target is aimed at.In addition, suppose that it supposes that it strives for shift to scope, it combines with shift work, and carries out accessibility correspondence about the page besides scope.

4 Exception

JIS X 8341-3 Contents without the thing and the data for correction (it is uncorrectable) based on 8.1.4 (exception in the contents by a third party)- The page (search-results output page) and PDF data which was offered from the outside and which gives its service and accompanies.About attached files, such as PDF, After translation of W3C Working Group Note "PDF Techniques forWCAG 2.0" is formally exhibited in the information-and-telecommunications access conference Web accessibility base committee mounting workgroup, examine a plan, but In this time, the performance goal about PDF data is carried out as follows, and it corresponds one by one.

The 2nd Check result

The test result based on JIS X 8341-3:2010 of this site is as follows.
The notation of "being conformity to JIS X 8341-3:2010" in this page is the information-and-telecommunications access conference Web accessibility base committee.JIS X 8341-3:2010 of "web contents It is based on the notation defined by correspondence degree notation guideline 1st edition - August20, 2010."

1 Achievement grade

Achievement grade AA

2 Range of a set of web pages

The following 11 pages are chosen from ,which the Secretatiat to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Labor Relations Commission manages based on a JISX8341-3:2010 test implementation guideline in a web page unit using a random method and the method which is not random.

3 Exception


4 Web contents technology depended

XHTML 1.0、CSS 2.0、JavaScript 1.5

5 Attainment-criterion checklist

6 Examination period

From July 1, 2014 to July 11, 2014

Attainment-criterion checklist

Introductory notes

◯: The attainment criterion is applied to the page for an examination
-: The attainment criterion is not applied to the page for an examination.

◯: The page for an examination is meeting the attainment criterion.
×:: The page for an examination is not meeting the attainment criterion.

Attainment-criterion checklist
subdivision article
gradeattainment criterion
applicationconformityremarks contents containing only the media containing only the sound inclusion attained and the image inclusion attained
no sound and no image contents of the voice contents inclusion attained
no sound and no image contents contents or the voice guide of image contents inclusion attained no sound and no image contents of the voice contents of the live
no sound and no image contents guide of the image contents inclusion attained
no sound and no image contents and relationship order feature of a color controlno sound and no image contents contrast of a text by which imaging was carried out operation movement limit which can be adjusted
with no contents which prepared the time limit and undisplayedno contents updated automatically while on display which is not carried 3 times or below a threshold value
no blinking contents・skip title order of the link in the context or more attainment means and label which can be recognized visually of a page used partially of the situation by an on-focus of the situation by a user interface element navigation distinctiveness of an input error part
no input error generating contents or an explanatory note
with no input part of the input error editing method
no input error generating contents liability, monetary dealings, data change, and error evasion of reply transmission
no legal liability, monetary-dealings and data change / reply transmitting contents analysis which can be interpreted by a program, a role, and the value which can be set up


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