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Privacy policy

The 1st Privacy policy

1 Scope of application

 This privacy policy applies only to the Site.Please be aware that when you visit other websites linked to the site,your information will be subject to the privacy policies of those websites.

2 Basic premise

 We are collecting information from everyone using the Official Website of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Labor Relations Commission,in areas to necessary to the smooth operation of the services provided by the Site. Information acquired will be handled appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use.

3 Scope of information acquisition

 We automatically collect and store Internet domain names, IP addresses, information about access to the Site.

4 Purpose of use

 The information acquired in 3. will be used as a reference for the smooth opereation of the service probeided by the Site.

5 Limitations on use and provision

 Except in cases of legal disclosure requests,cases of illegal access,threats and othe unlawful acts or other special reasons,the information acquired will not be used by ourselves for any purposes other than those described in 4.,nor will it be provided to any third party.However,statistical information regarding access to the Site or information on users' attributes may be made public.

6 Measures to ensure security

 We are taking the measures necessary to manage acquired information appropriately to prevent the leakage,loss or destruction of acquired information.
 In addition, although it may commission outside about employment of this site, the required measure for suitable management of the information collected also in the consignee is taken.

7 When E-mail is transmitted

 When the visitor of this site sends a comment and a question by E-mail, personal information may be offered with its intention.We use such information in order to cater to the improvement in service to a visitor, or a visitor's request.More suitable correspondence is possible and also it may forward e-mail to an office.E-mail is not shared with other external organizations except for the case of the formal criminal investigation by a law enforcement agency.

The 2nd Information security policy

 This site continued the enterprise on the basis of the reliance from users, and has defined the basic policy for protecting information property from a threat for the purpose of achieving a social mission as a governmental agency as follows.
1 In order to maintain the safety and accuracy of information property, we strive for prevention of unjust access, destruction, an alteration, loss, disclosure, etc., and implement suitable safety measures. Moreover, about personal information, we are striving for severe management and protection especially.
2 About handling of information property,we observe the norm of statutes, such as this basic policy, various regulations, and a compliance manual, and others.
3 When entrusting processing of information property outside, carry out under suitable management of our company.
4 While making the structure for a continuous improvement, evaluate a risk and by making it reflected in a measure aims at the maintenance and improvement in an information security.


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