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The 1st  Copyright

As for all the information on the text published at this site, an illustration, a logo, a photograph, software, and others, Tokyo or a third party has copyright.Except for the case where the Copyright Act, such as individual use, accepts, there is no permission of a copyright holder's beforehand and it is use (a duplicate, change, distribution, public transmission, etc. are included.) about these pieces of information. It cannot carry out.

The 2nd Link

The link to this site presupposes in principle that it is free regardless of profit and non-profit.However, please withhold a setup of the link which corresponds to following either or has the fear.
1 When mental abuse of the organization besides - (person) of Tokyo or the other company is carried out or the contents which mean trust loss are included.
2 When there is an act which infringes on intellectual property rights, such as copyright of an organization besides - (person) of Tokyo or the other company and a trademark right, property, privacy or portrait rights, and other rights, or a possibility of infringing.
3 When it may become indefinite that they are contents of Tokyo -- this homepage is developed within a frame -- and misunderstanding may be given to a third party.
4 When there is a possibility of engaging in the interference of the management of an act and this site which breaks a statute or good public order and customs including law, an ordinance, and a rule besides each above-mentioned item.
5 When a logo, a mark, etc. which Tokyo holds are used without notice and a link is stretched.
6 When a link is stretched in a form which makes information dissemination origin take.
In addition, please understand beforehand that URL of this site may be changed without a preliminary announcement.In addition, about the compensation relevant to a link, a complaint, etc., since Tokyo does not carry out responsibility now negative at all, please understand it.


The 1st Recommend environment

At this site, it is safer, and in order to use comfortably, We recommend the following browser.
1 8.0 or More Microsoft Internet Explorer
2 Google Chrome Newest Version
3 Mozilla Firefox Latest Version
4 5.0 or More Safari(s)

The 2nd Technology used

1 Plug-in
In perusing and printing a PDF file at this site, Adobe Reader (7.0 or more Acrobat Reader) is needed.In some pages, the latest version is needed.
2 JavaScript
At this site, since you use more comfortably, JavaScript is used in some contents.In a browser setup of use, it is ON (effective) about JavaScript. Please understand that it is not displayed correctly or operation may be impossible when not carried out.
3 Twitter
Please look at the site of Twitter about the explanation about terms of service.

Legal matter

The 1st Qualification

No guarantee is given to the completeness and the accuracy of the information indicated at this site. The information published may be changed without a preliminary announcement.Let responsibility be that of a negative trap potato entirely about the loss which arose directly and indirectly by using the information or the contents included at this site.

The 2nd Prohibited matter

We forbid the following acts when using this site.
1 The act which bars management of this site, and the act which causes trouble.
2 The act which inflicts damage of trouble, a disadvantage, privacy, etc. on other users, a third party, or our company, or an act with the fear.
3 The act contrary to good public order and customs, or an act with the fear.
4 The act which breaks law, a statute, or an ordinance.
5 In addition, the act judged that Tokyo is unsuitable.

The 3rd law conformity and a competent court

As long as there is no law that it is otherwise special in the interpretation and application of a use regulation which are described in of this site / use and here , it shall be based on the laws of Japan.
Moreover, about all the dispute in connection with use of this site, I use Tokyo District Court as the under-exclusive-contract direct control court of the first trial.


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